Marine Operations

We are specialized in Offshore Marine Operations and installation of floating production units.

We recognise the importance of a well-defined marine operations scope

A marine operations project is always performed in accordance with project and regulatory requirements to ensure a cost-effective operation and to reduce the risks associated. IOC is specialized in Offshore Marine Operations in areas such as:


Subsea Umbilical Risers & Flowlines


Engineering Procurement Construction Installation

Installation of floating production units

Such as FSO’s, FPSO’s, Semisubmersibles and more
We have up to date planned, managed and executed up to 7 installations of FPSO’s. This includes installation engineering work preset of moorings & risers and hook-up of the FPSO’s.

Our services

Mooring Installations

The primary function of a vessel’s mooring system will be to hold the vessel on station in operating and survival conditions within specified tolerances so it may perform the function for which it was designed. IOC has extensive experience in managing every aspect of the mooring installation. IOC can help your project run without incident from the engineering, installation, testing, and fabrication process. Our track record speaks in volume at the project management and engineering that IOC brings to the table.

SCR Installations

SCR technology is one of the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient technologies available to help reduce diesel engine emissions. SCR has been used for decades to reduce stationary source emissions. In addition, marine vessels worldwide have been equipped with SCR technology, including cargo vessels, ferries and tugboats.

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